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Class Schedules

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What You Need for Your Road Test

How to Schedule Your Road Test Appointment

Type of Road Test

The on-line or telephone road test schedule system (RTSS) requires you to select the type of test based on the class of your learner permit:

  • Automobile: An automobile road test is for a car or small truck and is for applicants with Class D, DJ or E permits.
  • Commercial or CDL: A commercial driver license (CDL) or non-CDL class C road test is for a large truck, tractor trailer or bus and is for applicants with Class A, B, C or non-CDL C permits. See the Important information for first-time CDL applicants.
  • Motorcycle: A motorcycle road test is motorcycles with two or three wheels and is for applicants for a class M or MJ license. Read more about motorcycle licenses and safety.

Requirements to Schedule

When you go on-line or call by phone to schedule your road test, you must:

  • Have your learner permit. You must provide the Client ID number that appears on your permit
  • Have your form MV-278 pre-licensing course certificate or form MV-285 driver education certificate. You must indicate the type of certificate you have and enter the certificate number. The certificate number is printed in red. You will not need to enter a certificate number if you already have another class of NYS driver license, for example you have a Class D license and you schedule a road test to add the motorcycle class (Class M).
  • To apply for a CDL or a non-commercial Class C license, you must first pay a $40.00 fee on-line, by telephone at 1-518-402-2100, or at a local DMV office. If you pay the CDL test fee at a local DMV office, you will receive a receipt. You must enter the receipt number when you schedule the CDL test appointment by telephone or on-line.
  • Know the ZIP Code of the location where you plan to take the road test. You can schedule your road test for any available site. You are not required to take the road test in your home county or the county where your permit was issued. Not all types of road tests are available at all locations. The ZIP Codes, directions to the sites, and the types of tests that are given at each site are listed on the DMV web site.
  • Have paper and a pen if you schedule by phone to write information about the site, the date, the time and the directions to your road test. You can call the same phone number later if you need to confirm information about your appointment. If you schedule your road test on-line, use your computer printer to print this information. Get directions to your road test site.
  • Read the DMV brochure, Road Test Tips, for information about how to prepare for your road test. This brochure tells you what you need the day of the test and what the road test includes. If you take a CDL road test, read the CDL Manual for information about the CDL road test.
  • If you must cancel a road test for a CDL or a non-commercial Class C license, use the on-line system or the telephone system to cancel or to make a different appointment. You must cancel at least 72 hours before the time of the test or you must pay another fee of $40 to make a new appointment.
  • Schedule your road test on-line or schedule by phone at 1-518-402-2100. You can select the site, the date, and the time of your road test. You will receive directions to your road test site, which you can also get on the DMV web site. You will not receive any confirmation of your road test appointment in the mail.
  • Use the on-line or telephone system to cancel or to confirm your appointment or to make a different appointment. You must cancel your current appointment before you can make a new appointment.

For more information, please visit the New York State website!