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Group Discounts are Available If you are an individual, you can print your very own discount coupon for $5.00 off the Pre License Class ONLY (may not be combined with any other discount)!

If you have a group & want to offer this as part of your corporate benefits package, or have a business that wants to lower its drivers' pool insurance rates, contact us for your customized group discount!

The Economic Burden of Traffic Crashes on Employees and Employers

But why would an employer want to offer this?

 Motor vehicle crash injuries on and off the job cost employers almost $60 billion an-nually in 1998–2000. Of that, $41.5 billion was comprised of fringe and non-fringe benefit costs and another $18.4 billion was in the form of wage-risk premiums (NHTSA Report). Nearly half of the combined fringe and non-fringe costs resulted from off-the-job injuries to workers and their dependents.  - NHTSA
  • Your business saves money!
  • Company employees save money on their personal vehicle insurance & 4 points reduced from DMV record.
  • Reduce employee absences and downtime due to accidents!
  • Improve employee rention and moral by offering something that saves you AND them money!

Many employers do not even realize that on and off the job, there are countless direct and hidden expenses of crashes which can have a devastating impact on their financial stability. In addition to health care and property damage, consider other substantial costs such as hiring a temporary employee, lower productivity, insurance premiums and lawsuits.

Download the NHTSA's The Economic Burden of Traffic Crashes on Employers report.
You can also view the report online.

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