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Phil Abitabile, owner and instructor of the Taconic Driving School (TALLC), announced that the school has received a Guidance Instructions email/directive for reopening in-person classes for driving schools.  The instructions and guidance are very specific in insuring cleanliness and safety in the classroom.  To reopen the in-person driving classes, TALLC will adhere to all of the instructions, guidance and regulations that are outlined in the directive to insure a safe and clean environment in our educational setting.

NOTES edited on 1/9/24

ATTENTION: The 5 hour pre-licensing classes are being held monthly and the dates are posted on our FaceBook page; take note that they fill up quickly.  To insure that you will be able to attend, please call ahead to reserve your spot! Reservations are continually coming in and sometimes you will be on a waiting list. When you are on the waiting list, you are given a seat in the next class – but you DO have to confirm that you plan to attend. 

The instructor is diligent in contacting you to confirm your reservation as long as you call and leave your cellular contact number.  The instructor will then text you with further information.

The following steps will be taken to adhere to the Guidance Instructions:

  1. The classroom has a minimum & maximum numbers of students allowed.
  2. It is highly recommended that all who plan to attend classes reserve ahead by calling the school; this guarantees your ability to pre-register.  Correspondence and confirmation is done through texts.  TALLC will then hold pre-registration on the day of class at 7:30 AM at the driving school location, 27 Bridge Street, Hudson (Greenport), the Sons & Daughters of Italy building, first floor.
  3. IT IS NECESSARY TO RESERVE IN ADVANCE. If a minimum of students are not reserved, the class may be cancelled. Reserve a seat for each class by calling 518 828 0142.


  • Present a valid NYS Pictured Driving Permit
  • Pre-pay the fee of $70 using the exact cash amount or a local check ($65 if you have printed a $5 off coupon from our web page)
  • 2024 UPDATE: If any student brings another student to the class on the same day, each student will have a reduced fee of $65, not $70.  If taking advantage of this discount, when making reservations, include the names of students who will be attending the same day.
  • Bring a black or blue pen
  • Enter through the designated entrance door and exit through the designated exit door – look for signage
  • Complete the registration form and leave a contact phone number

When a class date reaches the maximum 20 students, a second date will be opened for pre-registration.  However, if any class does not have a minimum of reservations, that class may be cancelled.

Call 518 828 0142, see our calendar on this web site, or visit our Facebook page for class schedules.


  • Only pre-registered students will be admitted to the class.
  • Each student will provide his/her own pen for the class.

TALLC will maintain safe and clean maintenance of the facilities per directions outlined in the noted directive.

Any and all information will be posted on the TALLC web site (, on the TALLC Facebook page (Taconic Associates Driving School), and on our answering machine message (518 828 0142).


SOMETIMES SCHEDULES CHANGE and sometimes it is a last minute decision to alter the schedule.

ALSO PLEASE TAKE NOTE that each class requires a minimum of five (5) students, per Department of Motor Vehicle regulations; and has a maximum of 20 per class.  Classes are available in both English and Spanish.  Check the calendar for when each type of class is held.

To be certain class is being held, always call our school to check. If we are not there to answer, there will be a message on the machine regarding cancellations. To reach us, you may use the Contact Us page.

NYS DMV Approved 5 Hour Pre-Licensing Course

From the Left: Jeff French – Chairman of Sean’s Run;
Mark French – Sean’s Dad;
Philip Abitabile – Owner Taconic Driving School

5-Hour Pre-Licensing Course (MV-278) Upon successful completion of this five hour course, each student will receive an MV-278 which is required before scheduling and taking the road test. You must provide the certificate number when you schedule your road test. (TO SEE THE CLASS SCHEDULE, CLICK “More” BELOW.)
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Students must bring their VALID PHOTO NYS Driver’s Permit to class!

Class size is limited so be sure to arrive early.

The Course Fee may be paid by CASH or LOCAL Checks ONLY Please.

Students must bring their VALID NYS Driver’s Permit to class!
Class size is limited so be sure to arrive early!
The Course Fee is $70.00 ($65.00 with internet coupon).
CASH or LOCAL Checks ONLY Please!

EFFECTIVE MAY 1, 2018 – ALL PERMITS MUST HAVE A PHOTO (temporary permits without photo will NOT be accepted at class).

EFFECTIVE 1/1/2024: The Course Fee increases to $70.00 ($65.00 with internet coupon).


Attention:  NYS Driver Permit Holders and Their Parents

A Note from Instructor, Phil Abitabile to NYS Driver Permit Holders and Their Parents:

I recently heard that some students are enrolling in another driving school’s mandatory 5-Hour Pre-Licensing Course because that driving school does not actually run the full 5 hour class.

This is a very serious violation of NYS DMV Rules and Regulations governing driving schools. Schools that partake in this practice could lose their license to operate a driving school.

Also, when a student signs his/her MV 278 Completion Certificate, that student is attesting that they did in fact attend the 5 Hour Pre-licensing Class and the class was in fact held for the full 5 hours. Per local DMV personnel, if it is determined that the class the student attended was not held for the full 5 hours, the MV 278 could be invalidated and the student will have to retake the course.

Please keep this in mind when you choose your driving school for the mandatory 5 Hour Pre-Licensing Class.

Point and Insurance Reduction Program (PIRP)

6-Hour Point and Insurance Reduction Program (PIRP) This course fulfills all requirements for the Point Insurance Reduction Program (PIRP) and is accepted by all New York insurance companies and is taught by instructors that are certified by the Empire Safety Council.

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Students must bring their VALID NYS Driver’s License to class!
Class size is limited so be sure to arrive early!
The Course Fee is $45.00 each or $40.00 each if 2 or more are in your group!
Reservations are encouraged.
CASH or LOCAL Checks ONLY Please!